There are many ways you can help solve the housing and homeless crisis in Northwest Minnesota

MyPath strives to help the entire Northwest Region empower youth have the security of stable housing, and it might take a while, but we have to start somewhere. For most families that starts at home while their child lives with them. Families, especially families who own a home, with stability often take for granted all of the benefits they are able to extend to their young people:

MyPath wants more youth to have a safe situation where they can:

  • Live somewhere they can afford while saving money to catch up on bills, or save for a vehicle, or a new place of their own.
  • Finish high school and get guidance on how to pursue higher education without as many distractions or debt.
  • Learn to drive and get their Drivers’ License, with the help of invested adults who teach them and let them use their vehicles.
  • Have a safe place to store their important documents and receive mail while they take advantage of being young and unattached.
  • Get help accruing positive work history and good credit without the added stress of having to handle adulting all on their own.
  • Can relax without having to spend money to justify being somewhere.

This is just the tip of the iceberg to start to paint a picture.

Factors that contribute to housing insecurity start early, well before even the most cynical person would call it the youth’s fault. During critical development stages where most kids are just getting to focus on kid stuff, some kids, too many kids, even in Northwest Minnesota, have that important learning time interrupted by housing insecurity and having to make decisions they aren’t prepared to make.

Community members can help first by being patient and understanding, and by watching out for youth in your communities who may be homeless or at risk of becoming homeless and then volunteering to help them. Too many youth get harmed by people who don’t care or want the best for them, in part because, youth sincerely believe they have no one else who will help them. Let youth know you care and want to help. Learn about local resources so that you can let youth and their families know where else they can go to get help.

Become A Community Champion

Community Champions are individuals who learn about local resources and volunteer to help at-risk youth in their communities. Currently the initiative is coordinated by Inter-County Community Council and only available in: Clearwater, Pennington, Red Lake, East Polk, Norman, Marshall, Kittson, LOW, and Roseau counties. However, if there is interest the MyPath Team will try to facilitate opportunities beyond ICCC’s initiative as soon as ICCC tells us what they’ve learned, so, CONNECT to let MyPath know how you’d like to help and we’ll help you connect to a local organization that is accepting volunteers.


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