Questions You Might Be Asked About Disability Factors and Income Assistance:

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Think about the following questions below and see if they apply to yourself. If they do, connect with the MyPath team to learn more!
Do you think you might be eligible for Disability Income Assistance? Have you ever applied before? Has anyone else ever received Social Security for you?
-Social Security Advocacy and SOAR may be able to help advocate for you! Especially if you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

  • Are you diagnosed with or could you be diagnosed with a condition for which you will get treatment, that is likely to affect your ability to work a regular job? Is this condition likely to last more than a year?
  • Have you ever been diagnosed with a disability in the past?
  • Did you have an IEP or 504 Plan as a child?
  • Has your mental or physical health cause you to lose more than one job? Or to lose housing?
  • Are you willing to be referred to and work with a behavioral health worker to assess your needs?

If yes to any of these, Connect to find out more information.

Other Income Assistance:

  • Did you age out of foster care and are you under 22?
  • Do you have a disabling condition where you might qualify for GA, SSI, or SSDI?
  • Do you have children or dependents under 18 who live with you or would live with you if you had housing?
  • Do you qualify for and receive food stamps or SNAP or EBT?
  • Did you recently lose a job?
  • Do you qualify for Unemployment Insurance?
  • Are you registered with Minnesota
  • Have you applied for GA, MFIP, or TANF?
  • Are you pregnant or parenting, and qualify for DWP? Diversionary Work Program is a four-month program that helps Minnesota parents find jobs and avoid needing MFIP.
  • Do you know where free community meals are available?
  • Do you know how to utilize the food shelf near you?
  • CEP offers a variety of services for youth, adults, and dislocated workers.

Connect with the MyPath team if you have more questions or need help finding the right resource!

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