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Now that you’ve thought about it some, what type of work do you see yourself doing that will pay your bills and help you feel successful?

  • What amount of schooling will you need to be able to get that job? With a quick google search you can look up educational requirements and average pay.
  • Right now, what schooling should you start with in order to meet your goals?
  • MyPath resources can request your school transcripts for you if you’re uncertain. Often kids have moved around a lot and have no idea what they still need.
  • Who can help you with that right now or as soon as you’re ready? Secondary schools, Alternative Education Centers, Adult Diploma, ABE, GED, YouthBuild, Rural MN CEP, vocational school, tribal college, University, Northwest Indian Community Development Center, Community Ed. OJT.

There are TRIO, and Upward Bound programs if you’re interested in college and know you’ll need some help getting started. Some colleges have work study, this can help pay for some schooling if you are concerned. If you’re interested in college, a good place to start is to call the college admissions  office and ask if you can schedule a tour.

Quick FAQ on Financial Aid and how to apply for financial aid. It will inform you of what grants and loans the State can offer you.

  • If children and child care is a factor, Connect with the MyPath team, and we can help you problem solve. There are programs such as the GED where you can do most of the prep and maybe even take the exam from home. You might also be able to get help with childcare through Head Start or with assistance from your county.
  • If you know you have a learning disability and you qualified for help from a para in school, you still may qualify for extra help finishing school, even as an adult.


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