How Do You Build and Develop Connections?

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Consider the following statements below when you are building and developing connections. We’ve talked about Support Networks and References. But do you make sure to touch base and let people know how you’re doing even when you don’t need their help?

  • Is there anyone you call just to chat or because you miss them?
  • Who calls you on your birthday? Have you checked in with them lately?
  • Who would call you if they had your phone number and knew you’d like to hear from them?
  • Do you have somewhere to go for holidays if you wanted to?
  • Do you have family members who could be good supports who you don’t know as well as you could?
  • Could you reach out to someone you’re missing and rekindle a past friendship or mentorship?

If not, it’s never too late to start cultivating those connections that can be all around you!  One way to do that is to pick some places and show up on a regularly schedule, then you’re likely to see some of the same people every time. Some people join clubs, churches, drum circles, support groups, or start volunteering. Community Kitchens and Food Shelves are other places that are easy to volunteers. You can also create your own families and traditions by hosting people for Friendsgiving or accepting invitations to free meals.


CONNECT with MyPath team for more suggestions or for help finding a group near you!

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