Some Things To Consider Before You Get Sick Or Hurt:

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Health Insurance and Medical Options

  • Do you have health care coverage?
  • Do you have proof of coverage if you need it?
  • If you’re covered by someone else’s plan, can you get a copy of your card?

If you don’t have health insurance, you might qualify for Medical Assistance from the state. It’s important to have insurance lined up before you ever need it so that you don’t get stuck with a bill or put off getting care when you need it.

Call 218-333-0880 if you need help applying for medical coverage.

You can also look into:

  • Any free clinics near you?
  • Planned Parenthood?
  • Free dental clinic?

Questions to ask yourself?

  • Do you know how to make an appointment for yourself?
  • Do you know how to use a Nurse Line?
  • Have you been prescribed a medication that has lapsed or that you’re not taking because you can’t afford it or haven’t been to the doctor lately?

Connect with MyPath team if you have more questions!

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