Who Might You Meet at a Housing Agency?

MyPath Team



Housing Agency Staff:

Intake Worker:

Sometimes this person will be the same person who ends up being your Housing Case Manager, but in this role, they’re usually the person who answers your phone call or greets you when you come in. Their job as Intake Worker is to learn as much about you and your unique situation as they can so that they can connect you to the right resources for you. Most of the time, with a little help and direction, most people can solve their crisis situation by utilizing Mainstream Resources and never need to take the next step and be assigned to a Housing Assessor and then possibly a Housing Case Manager. An Intake Worker will ask you for verifications to prove you qualify for and will benefit from more intensive services.

Housing Assessor:

If you’re probably going to stay homeless without help, you’ll be paired up with a Housing Assessor. A Housing Assessor asks even more personal questions than the Intake Worker did and works a long side you to find you additional help with your housing situation. This may mean helping you to meet a new Housing Case Manager, it might also be more of “Just Checking In” role. It’s your job to always let your Housing Assessor know how you’re doing and how you can be contacted. If you don’t stay in touch, you might miss out on opportunities to get additional help.

Housing Case Manager:

A housing case manager is a lot like a life coach without the $50 an hour price tag. They want to be able to demonstrate that their clients in the housing program they work with: found housing, stayed housed, and met some life goals that will make their client’s life easier going forward. In order to show that they’re doing their job, they need to communicate with their people in their programs through meetings and home visits. Hopefully, if you ever have a housing case manager, you get to know your housing case manager so that you can work together to reach the goals you have for yourself. Housing Case Managers may work for: Community Action Agencies, Clinics, Shelters, Drop-In Centers, Counties, Tribes and other non-profits that provide help people to find, pay for, and maintain housing. There are many housing options that do not require case management, so please ask about those if you feel like you won’t want to work with a case manager. If you’re in a program that requires case management, you have to communicate with your case manager or you will probably lose your place in a housing program which may lead to you losing your housing.

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