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Landlords and Property Managers are the people who get to decide whether or not to rent to you and if you continue to live where you live. They are invested in the success of the property they manage or have invested in. If they’re a friend or family member who has a lease, you are essentially a tenant or roommate, even if you are not paying rent. The people letting you stay in their property want to be able to trust you to take good care of their investment. Until you live in a home you personally own, you probably have a landlord or property manager. Sometimes that’s a friend or family member.  Sometimes, it’s someone you barely know and only see once and a while.

Landlords sometimes get a bad reputation and some are not great. Most are regular people who have a job to make money off of their investment and to take care of their properties and their tenants. Especially as a younger person without a stable income, you look like and possibly are high risk to a landlord. Knowing this there are things you can do to seem like and be less of a risk.

Professional Landlords and Property Managers have often had a lot of tenants and have learned a lot. They’re invested in you succeeding as a tenant because they lose money if you don’t. If you have a question or concern about a place you’re staying, talk to your landlord and listen to what they advise you. If you need assistance communicating with your landlord, Connect, and MyPath will help find you someone to help.

Have a plan:

Be prepared to make a good first impression.

Be prepared to answer any potential questions a landlord may ask.

Be prepared to follow the rules and be a good tenant, and roommate.

Plan to have that first landlord be your housing reference for future opportunities.

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