MyPath MyMoney101: Benjamins and Bills

It’s expensive to be poor

Money Knowledge is Power

MyPath hopes to end homelessness in Northwest Minnesota by empowering more people to become Real Property Owners someday so that they can provide shelter for themselves and the people they care about. The best time to start thinking about owning property someday is when you’re young and haven’t made it more difficult for yourself yet. The next best time is now.

It’s easier to avoid money mistakes than to fix them after you’ve already made them.

Having good credit helps you get rental housing easier in tough rental markets.

Having good credit helps you pay less when you want to borrow money.

Having good credit makes it more likely that a lender will lend you money to buy a big purchase like a car or a house.

Having good credit makes it more likely that a lender will lend you money to start your own business.

MyPath is working on tools to help explain common money situations experienced by youth in Northwest MN efficiently, in case you don’t have time for classes. MyPath strongly encourages youth to check out these tools, and then talk to actual experts about their unique circumstances. Almost every community offers First Time Homebuyers Classes, Financial Literacy, and Credit Building/Repair Classes. If you can’t find a class that works with your schedule, in your community, the information is online if you look for it.

CONNECT to MyPath with your questions and we’ll try to connect you with a Money expert near you.

In the meantime here are some tools that are easier to use on a desktop computer or a mobile device with a larger screen



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