MyPath Youth Action Board/ Youth With Lived Experience

YHDP and Youth Action Board, MyPath Team



We’re not just making this stuff up. MyPath listens to youth and takes their advice on what they want to know. If you are between 16 and 24, live in Northwest Minnesota, have experience with housing insecurity, and would like to be part of the Youth Homeless Demonstration Project/MyPath Youth Action Board or would like more information on how to join this team, CONNECT to let us know!

-The Youth Homeless Demonstration Project (YHDP) is an initiative of the Department of Housing & Urban Development that supports coordinated local efforts to end youth homelessness. Each YHDP community is supposed to form a Youth Action Board (YAB).

-A Youth Action Board is group mainly comprised of youth ages 16-24 who are currently experiencing homelessness or who have previously experienced homelessness.

-The YAB has a few purposes – to gain insight from young people with lived experience that will help inform our agency’s on how they can better and best serve young people seeking our services. To have the group help change & inform local policy, help with community engagement, and discuss topics that interest them & work on political advocacy.

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