Who Do You Ask For Housing Help At School?

Independent Living Skills/Adulting Resources, MyPath Team



Principal/ School Liaison/ School Counselor:

There are People at your school who are given training and resources to help students who are homeless or at risk of being homeless. Please ask for help at school and CONNECT with MyPath team, so that we can help you and your school better serve you. The McKinney Vento Act is a law that was passed to make it easier for displaced children and Youth to continue with school with fewer difficulties. Your school will hopefully be able to help you get additional food and transportation as well as access to laundry and showers if you need those services. If you’re not sure who to go to at your school for help, or your uncomfortable asking for help, CONNECT with us and we’ll ask someone on our team to help you find resources near your school. Remember, staying on a couch at a friend’s house because you’re not welcome at home, is a type of homelessness, and we want to connect you to resources so that your life is easier and you can meet your goals.


For more information or to help get the word out check out these links:

McKinney Vento Poster

McKinney Vento College Poster

You can also go to https://sites.google.com/isd31.net/familiesintransition/home

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