How Do You Manage Your Social Life and Personal Well Being?

Suicide, Self Harm, Abuse, Quitting Resources, Health and Wellness, Independent Living Skills/Adulting Resources



Start by asking yourself the following questions. Do you like your answers? If they don’t like your answers or have more questions, CONNECT with the MyPath team or reach out to your Support Network to talk about this more!

  • What do you do for yourself to enjoy life more?
  • How do you relieve stress?
  • Do you understand the risks of caving to negative peer pressure or partaking in risky behavior?
  • How could your goals influence your choices? How could your choices influence your goals?
  • If you realized you had a problem with drugs or alcohol do you have someone or somewhere to go for support?
  • Who and what makes you feel good about yourself?
  • When are you happiest?
  • What are you doing when you feel your best?
  • Do you make sure that you get enough sleep to feel good the next day and keep up with your obligations?
  • Are your friends’ good influences? Are you a good influence on your friends?
  • Do you feel like you could tell someone “No” if they asked you to do something that made you uncomfortable or put you at risk?
  • For example: “Could you tell a homeless friend that they couldn’t move in with you unless it was okay with your landlord and they were willing to follow the same rules you follow, and pay rent?”
  • Who would you go to if you needed serious advice?
  • Are your friends comfortable telling you “no”?
  • Do your friends ever give you good advice?
  • If you felt like you were getting sick or overwhelmed would you know how to make an appointment with a doctor or therapist? Remember, you can Mobile Crisis the number is at the top of the page.

Connect with MyPath team or reach out to your Support Network if you want to talk about this more!

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