Special Workers to have in your corner!

MyPath Team



Social Workers/ Probation Officers:

Probation Officers and Social Workers, like Housing Agency Staff, are usually people you have in your life because something hasn’t gone as well as it could and now someone has to keep notes on actions being taken to help you help yourself have a better future going forward. They understand that you might not be happy to have them in your life, but it’s still their job to help you help yourself! The more you keep them updated and ask questions, the less they have to work on trying to determine whether or not you want to help yourself.  This ensures them that the  work they do is actually helping you.  If you’re working with either a probation officer or a social worker, please let Housing Agency Staff know, because when everyone works together, you meet your goals faster!  If you’ve ever been in foster care, or a ward of the state, please reach out to the county that handled your case and ask if you qualify for extra supports such as Extended Foster Care or a Foster Youth Initiative Tenant Protection Voucher as a young adult. Connect with the My Path team if you want additional help.

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